HYPERTEXT & CODE: Why a little knowledge is dangerous

October 29th, 2010 by susan

In trying to solve my image problem (not my personal image; that I’ve come to gradually accept) I of course found a round-about more difficult and time-consuming solution.

Since I wanted the images to be centered within the boxes, and since they are linked out of text or stretchtext, changing the margin edge by the code I showed in the previous post didn’t work unless the image was the only stretchTarget. Otherwise, the new margin set changed the text as well. Soooooo…

I worked around the code problem by making the images the smaller size of 400 pixels in Photoshop, made up a new file in Photoshop with a 550 width (as the images were marked, to give a 25 px each side border), painted it black (the background color of the piece, both column and body in A Bottle of Beer), and dragged the Photoshop image onto the black background and centered it, figuring in advance based on the resized image to leave a 10 px top and bottom margin and resulting in 75 px side margins. And, it works.

Of course as usual, I’ve solved an immediate problem for a particular piece of work rather than learning the right way of doing things by taking the time to look up the code scenario. It just seems that if I sit and figure things out logically, play with the code or find a way around it, it not only produces an answer, it’s a lot more fun. Somewhere in the future I’ll need to do this again, only it won’t work with the particulars and elements of the new piece.

That’s when I hope to have learned the right way of doing things.

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