HYPERTEXT PROJECT 3: Confused by the Fluid Software

April 20th, 2012 by susan

Played with Fluid and was able to download A Bottle of Beer off my website and it works completely without opening a browser. I believe it has some browser capabilities within its own program.

Was a little more than concerned when I realized that the path I have to the abob file goes through the parent directory so that when I selected the file, I in fact picked up the entire website, the Spinning website, and the Talespinning website, and everything else that was under the susangibb.net. Not good. Links to other places off the site, of course, will work, but will open the regular browser. I’m figuring that if I did not have a link to Hypercompendia on the final page of A Bottle of Beer, then even if Fluid grabbed everything, it would not be possible to “get thar from here.”

Which means, I should probably move my work from subdirectories to the root directory (/public_html/yadda yadda) but since there are loads of incoming links to, for example, the 100 Hypertext Fictions, I really can’t go through all the links to change them, nor would it make sense (I don’t think) to just put the opening page there and let it redirect itself to its current residence.

Anyway, I still need to play a bit with Fluid to see if it will assist in my goal of transferring to a CD. Though it likely will still need some tweaking, although it does turn the file into an application in the Mac Applications folder. The way it’s set up, there are no other files that I can peek into, just an icon that starts the saved file. The other thing is, is that it doesn’t work for PC though there is a similar program I haven’t as yet checked out.

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