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IF: Glass

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

Deadended with my own work so have wandered back to IF temporarily.  First up: Emily Short’s Glass.

Downloaded Spatterlight to play it in, and true to form, I’ve already married off Prince Charming to the evil stepsister Theodora instead of finding Cinderella.

I’ve long since forgotten the ‘knack’ of IF, and will hopefully get back on track without going through the frustration of Photopia that started me out on this a few years back.  There were a couple of things that did confuse me though.

One was that suddenly I was addressed as "you" so I did not know who the hell I am (maybe Cinderella? — though I did try to claim the slipper as my own and that didn’t work).  The other was that while I had the Prince ask "Where is Cinderella?" and at one point have the word half-spelt out by the program, there is the story line that seems to contradict and says he did not get her name at all (thus, the need for the glass shoe to fit some unnamed someone). 

But this is just the first go-round and normally I’ll put lotsa time in before I give up in defeat.